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Inovas63% of urban students spend more than an hour on internet everyday and with a record 10 million students in age group of 6-19 becoming victim of cyber crimes and threats in 2012, Cyber Safety and Internet Security awareness for students has become a crucial part of student life and education. Inovas has taken an initiative to conduct first of its kind age appropriate Cyber Safety workshops in the country.

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Cyber Safety Workshops

The internet has become a vital part of our life. The young generation has grown with internet and taken it as its best buddy, friend, philosopher and guide. A gap, let’s call it generation gap, has been created by the cyber world between children and parents. To develop a confidence between two generation, inovas has designed special workshops which will not only talk about the use of internet but also address the issues to make cyber users aware of the risks of the internet.

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Inovas is known for its leadership in education, and the Inovas faculty is composed of individuals who are world-class technocrats committed to contribute towards expanding needs of Indian technological market. Faculty members are passionate and curious individuals who continue their own research while teaching at Inovas.

They come from across the country bringing with them a diverse wealth of knowledge. Faculty at Inovas is executives currently working in industry using latest technology thus providing the participants with practical industry specific experience.

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Cyber Safety and Internet Security awareness for students has become a crucial part of student life and education. To take the initiative further Inovas is launching a Cyber safety workshop kit for parents and kids.

Our Goal

The goal is not to stop young generation from using the internet but to advise them to use it in a safer way. The benefits of the internet can be much greater than its risks if everyone learns to be smart online.

Engage children in a two-way conversation about on- and offline risks.

Educate children on how to recognize potential Internet risks.

Empower children to help prevent themselves from being exploited and to report victimization to a trusted adult.

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