Web Solutions

Our team of young and enthusiastic Web developers believe in taking a step further and realize and justify even the most bold IT Initiatives.

Inovas offers affordable, website creation; design and re-design; maintenance and management; web page optimization; and a full personal support package.
We Offer -

  • Interactive Web Design
  • SEO
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile App

  • Cyber Safety Workshops

    Day by Day parents are getting more worried of their kids’ online activities and time spending pattern. They are becoming anxious of what their kids are doing online as more than 63% of urban students are spending more than an hour on internet every day.

    Inovas has taken the initiative to conduct first of its kind age appropriate workshops, to help kids and youth, create awareness about why, how, when and what to do with the growing cyber world and how to safely interact with the growing technology.

    IT Security Consulting

    We provide you with a safety expert that knows all of the ins and outs of internet security. Ask about anything from viruses, identity theft prevention to kids online safety. We offer you effective solutions for monitoring your children's online activity especially when it comes to social media sites.

    The people behind Inovas Tech realize that there is a true need for the types of services we offer; such as expert consultation and advice, but at a cost that is economically realistic.

    Internet Security Seminars

    Parents often admire how easily their children can use internet but aren’t quite sure of what they are doing. Protecting children from online bullying is a shared responsibility. We are here to provide you with a safety expert that is a well-informed, reliable source of education. Even if you are not an advanced techie, we can easily teach you what you need to understand to enhance your security.

    E-Learning Systems

    Our services cover the full gamut of e-Learning services ranging from content to technology. Services include e-Learning Consulting, e-Learning custom content – Conceptualization of e-Learning units, Instructional Design and development of most suited content.We aim at addressing all short-term and long-term learning needs of the clients, having a wealth of experience and the right tools to implement the programs.

    Information Technology

    We utilize our talented team of creative technology experts to exceed our clients expectations by providing responsive service and high-quality solutions resulting in long-term business partnerships with our clients, and to continuously improve our company for consistent growth and success.


    Our mission is to create innovative technology that serves the need of every individual in a unique way. Inovas is committed to justify even the most bold IT initiative, to realize the dreams and ideas of the people and make world a better place to live in. Inovas also knows that information technology can be very harmful to kids and youth if used without proper knowledge, navigation and awareness. The safety of our next generation has motivated us to incorporate Cyber Awareness workshops in our company profile.

    Inovas Workshops